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Decompression Needle

Decompression Needle

Product Specifications

• Packaged Size: 5.5” Length x .5” Width
• Needle Size: 14 and 10 Gauge x 3.25 inch
• Unit Weight: ~0.11g
• Twist off cap
• EO Sterilization
• Single Use Only
• Not made with natural rubber latex
• Not made with DEHP
• Country of origin: India


Features and Benefits

  • Hard Shell Case – Rugged case protects user from accidental needlestick and ensures sterility of the device prior to use


  • Easy Open – Twisting motion easily opens case for quick access


  • Triple-Facet, Back Cut, Beveled Needle – Aids in reducing trauma at insertion site


  • Rigid PTFE Catheter Material – Strong catheter to withstand force of entry and maintain passage for relieving tension pneumothorax


  • Color Coded Catheter Hub – Easy size confirmation


  • Contoured Grip – Easy to grip and hold onto during emergency procedure
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