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Mediborgh levert incisiefolie in diverse afmetingen.


De belangrijkste karakteristieken :


The film is transparent, breathable, and waterproof. It allows an ideal visualization of the surgical
site while protecting the incision site from foreign contamination, and also allows the skin to breath
freely without moisture build-up under the drape.


The drape is made in China and Cambodia but with raw materials sourced globally. The acrylic adhesive is sourced abroad from a best-in-class material supplier and then coated with 3L’s special
technique and process. It allows the drape with a very low sensation rate but a very good viscosity
without adhesive residue and edge rolling.


Easy to removal tape helps the drape to be held securely in place and remove easily.
- Packed in double layer bags with PE bags inside and medical pouches outside, which is convenient for OR to meet aseptic settings convenient.


- Full range of sizes are available to accommodate all kinds of clinical


    € 55,00Prijs
    excl. BTW
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