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Paulsen Airway

Paulsen Airway

Productcode: MS-238100

The innovative Paulsen Airway™ combines the oral airway and suction catheter into one device—placing the suction exactly where it needs to be, making the procedure safer and more comfortable for the patient.


Product Specifications

• Material: Polyethylene
• Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
• Not Made with DEHP


Features and Benefits


The Paulsen Airway™ is anatomically engineered to the patient’s airway allowing the customized suction catheter to sit in the hypopharynx at an optimal depth.

The Paulsen Airway’s™ patented design features three unique suction ports:

  • Rapid Evacuation Suction Port attaches quick and effortlessly to standard suction tubing to remove airway secretions at a moment’s notice, while lateral channels remain open to allow gases to free flow, providing for adequate gas exchange.
  • Multidimensional Suction Port allows for blind suction techniques to be employed at any time.
  • Side Suction Ports are contiguous with the Multidimensional Suction Port adding suctioning reach laterally while minimizing suction tissue adherence.


The Paulsen Airway™ negates the need for a separate suction catheter, eliminating up to 20 pounds of single use plastics per 100 procedures.


With traditional suction catheters it can be difficult to reach deep into patient’s airway. Utilizing the traditional system can lead to repeated attempts to properly place the suction catheters, which can increase airway secretions, bleeding, trauma, or pharyngeal reflex stimulation.

The Paulsen Airway™ only needs to be inserted once, decreasing tissue trauma caused by repeated suctioning device attempts. The multi functionality of the device decreases the chance of cross contamination from devices being repeatedly introduced into the airway.

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